Your All-You-Can-Heat Partial Plan (“Partial Plan”) is a plan that allows you to build your own plan based on the number of Miami HEAT home games to be played during the 2018-19 NBA Season that you select (with a minimum of five (5) and maximum of forty-one (41)), the specific games you select, the number of tickets you purchase, and whether you choose to purchase tickets for seats in the upper level or lower level, when that choice is available. The cost of your plan will be the total of the individual game tickets you select, with the price of each individual ticket as set forth in your purchase, check-out, and/or payment process. Each order for a Partial Plan will include a ten-dollar ($10) processing fee, regardless of the number of Partial Plans purchased within such order. Specific seat locations will be selected by the HEAT in its sole discretion. Once selected, no substitution of games or seating sections will be permitted. Tickets, Partial Plans, specific games, specific seating sections, and specific seat locations are at all times subject to availability. Offer is valid while supplies last. The HEAT reserves the right to discontinue or alter this Partial Plan at any time in its sole discretion.
PAYMENT: Full payment may be made at the time of purchase. Unless you choose to pay in full upfront, you will pay four (4) consecutive credit card (including credit debit card) or ACH installment payments to be paid during consecutive months beginning the month you purchase your Partial Plan. The first such monthly installment is to be paid upon agreement to the applicable invoice. If purchased by credit card, you warrant that you have the authority to authorize charges to the credit card. You understand and agree that the HEAT is not liable, in any way, for erroneous bill statements or incorrect charges and that should an error occur in billing or debiting, the HEAT's only responsibility is to correct such error when and if the HEAT receives written notice of such error. All sales and debits are non-refundable. You understand that, at the HEAT's sole discretion, your access may be restricted or revoked if any authorized charge is refused or unable to be processed for any other reason. Incorrect information that prevents the HEAT from processing your credit card charge will be promptly communicated via telephone, fax or email to the contact person you indicate. Failure of purchaser to correct problem within twenty-four (24) hours of such notice may result in the cancellation of your account. Additionally, you understand and agree that all costs or fees incurred by the HEAT that result from any refused payments or payments unable to be processed for any other reason, regardless of the reason, are your responsibility, that such fees will be added to your outstanding account balance, and that the HEAT will not be liable for any fees charged to you by the depository, bank, and/or other relevant institution. Failure to adhere to all payment terms, including the payment of fees, will entitle the HEAT in its sole discretion to deactivate your tickets or cancel your account without refund. You understand that seat locations and/or actual games played are subject to availability and that the HEAT does not guarantee or warrant, by your purchase or otherwise, any of the same. Pricing is not guaranteed until purchase is complete and payment is received by the HEAT.

RETURNED PAYMENT FEE & DELINQUENCY FEE: We will charge you a fee if your payment instrument is not honored or cannot be processed, even if your payment is honored on subsequent presentment. This fee is $25 if the returned payment amount is $50 or less, $30 if the returned payment amount is between $50.01 and $300, $40 if the returned payment amount is between $300.01 and $800, and up to 5% of the payment amount if the returned payment amount exceeds $800. Any payment that is ten (10) or more days delinquent is subject to a fee of up to 5% of the amount overdue.

TICKET DELIVERY: Paper tickets are not guaranteed. Tickets in your account will be made available to you on the date selected by the HEAT in its sole discretion and by any then-current method of ticketing, which may be digital and/or mobile only (i.e., only available on your smart phone).

LICENSE: Your ticket purchase entitles you to certain tickets to certain HEAT games. As between you and the HEAT, such tickets are owned by the HEAT, and entitle you to a revocable license (the “License”). The HEAT may revoke the License or any portion thereof by refunding the relevant purchase price and/or seek any other legal remedies if you breach any term to which you agreed including the payment of fees, those other terms contained herein, and those on the back of any relevant individual ticket.

ADDITIONAL PURCHASE TERMS & CONDITIONS: Partial Plan tickets will not be released unless the account is in “good standing.” “Good standing” means you are not in breach of any applicable term, and that the HEAT received your payment in full. Partial Plan tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis and no rain checks will be provided. Neither your invoice, nor the terms of purchase, may be amended unless signed by both you and the HEAT. Up to four (4) Partial Plan tickets may be purchased per individual, household, or company, with limited exceptions (e.g., immediate family of five), as determined by the Miami HEAT in its sole discretion. Failure to adhere to these ticket purchase limitations will entitle the HEAT, in its sole discretion, to deactivate your remaining tickets, cancel your account, and/or, in the case of Credit Card or ACH payments, accelerate the balance due and charge any or all Credit Cards on file for the remaining account balance. An account cancellation will result in the deactivation of your remaining tickets and the forfeiture of any amounts paid prior to such cancellation. It is the responsibility solely of the account holder of record to maintain the account in “good standing,” regardless of whether the account uses multiple Credit Cards for payment Failure to satisfy your entire payment plan at any time may result in additional costs. Transfer privileges are extended at the option of the HEAT and are subject to revocation at any time. Where applicable, the HEAT is not responsible for interrupted transmissions, network, server, website or other connections, availability, technical failure, or other errors of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, or network-related to your transaction. Purchase of a Partial Plan does not guarantee an opportunity to purchase playoff tickets. If you use the Resale Marketplace to successfully resell any of your Partial Plan tickets, and you choose to keep the resale value on your HEAT ticket account, the amount you accrue may be applied to your future HEAT ticket purchases. Additional terms apply to your account. Please log in to your online account for details. We may amend these terms at any time. If any of these terms are invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced, all of the other terms will remain in full force and effect. We will not lose our rights in connection with any of the Terms because we delay or do not enforce them.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING NBA RULE: If in the opinion of Arena security personnel and/or game officials, a spectator engages in excessive verbal abuse of a player, coach, game official or other spectator that is obscene, profane, racial, or otherwise objectionable, or that interferes with play, with the coach’s ability to communicate with his or her players during game play or huddles, or with a game official’s ability to satisfactorily perform his or her duties, then such spectator may be given a warning and/or ejected. Any Partial Plan ticket holder who (i) has been ejected for the first time during a season for reasons set forth in the preceding sentence, or (ii) whose Partial Plan ticket or tickets were used by a spectator who was ejected for the first time during a season for any such reason, will be sent a written notice by his or her home team (with a copy to the League Office) advising the ticket holder that his or her Partial Plan tickets will be revoked if he or she, or someone using his or her tickets, is ejected from a game for any such reason for a second time during the same season. If a Partial Plan ticket holder, or someone using the ticket or tickets of a Partial Plan holder, is in fact subsequently ejected from a game for a second time during the same season for any such reason, the HEAT will revoke the ticket holder’s Partial Plan tickets.

Automatic Payment Authorization: I authorize the HEAT to automatically charge my Credit Card, or ACH Account, as I provided to the HEAT, per the terms and conditions set forth herein and on my invoice and/or online order form, as applicable for (i) the monthly payment amounts on the dates as described herein, if I elect the monthly payment option, (ii) any applicable returned payment and/or delinquency fee, and (iii) any accelerated payments I incur. I agree that no prior notification will be provided unless the date or amount of a payment changes, in which case notice will be provided ten (10) days in advance of the payment. I understand that I may cancel this authorization at any time by sending written notice to the HEAT at AmericanAirlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132, but such cancellation does not relieve me of my payment obligations under this agreement. This constitutes your copy of the recurring payment authorization to the HEAT. Please retain a copy for your records.

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